Jaws Scripts for Peachtree* Complete Accounting

Users of Jaws for Windows by Freedom Scientific now have access to the world's leading accounting and business management application - Peachtree Complete Accounting (beginning with the 2013 version known as "Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting")! No other accounting program has the power, ease of use and widespread user base as does Peachtree. Now, with these scripts, Peachtree is accessible! To find out why "Top Ten Reviews" ranks Peachtree number one (even over QuickBooks), please click here.

What's more, these are robust, commercial-grade scripts. They are written by Virtual Vision Technologies. VVT is the only named, third-party professional scripting company on Freedom Scientifics' website. These scripts have amazing built-in "Quick Reference Guides" and "Jaws Key plus H" shortcut key help screens throughout. Even better, in addition to the immense array of support resources generally available for Peachtree, we have accumulated accessible support resources for you here. To review these accessible Peachtree support resources, please click here.

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Peachtree, coupled with these scripts, is widely adopted. Many state rehabilitation and vocational departments, governmental entities, NGOs and private corporations have already put into action this accessible solution. So can you! To see a short list of these most recent organizations, please click here. With Jaws Scripts for Peachtree, the two best solutions available for the visually impaired are united: Jaws and Peachtree! This means that everything from simply maintaining your own personal checkbook through running your own business (of virtually any sort or size) is now open to you! Even becoming an accountant yourself is now accessible! Find out all about Jaws with Peachtree and review the Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here.

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Best of all, these scripts cost less than Peachtree itself; which sells for about US$100! That's right, for under US$200 you have everything you need to start now - the scripts and Peachtree! Click on the "Get It Now" button below to get both Peachtree and the scripts right now. If you want to try it first, you can download trial versions of both Peachtree and the scripts. To explore this power and robustness yourself, just click on the below "Try It Now" button.